TetraPond Aqua Planters for Aquatic Pond Plants are a good solution to many of the problems with aquatic pond plants:

Helps to prevent plants tipping over and spilling soils into the pond
TetraPond Aqua Planters are flexible making it easy to locate aquatic pond plants onto uneven aquatic plant shelves within the pond or water garden – unlike Pond Plant Baskets or other Aquatic Plant Pots and Containers
TetraPond Aqua Planters for aquatic pond plants are soft so pond fish will not be hurt if they swim into the planters. Especially during spawning season.
TetraPond Aqua Planters are the perfect solution for areas in between rocks where traditional plastic aquatic plant containers cannot fit. These are flexible and can be “mushed” into tight areas!
TetraPond Aqua Planters help to restrict root growth so aquatic pond plants do not take over but still thrive!
TetaPond Aqua Planters for aquatic pond plants can be used in or out of the pond, are available in 2 sizes, are sold in packages of 2 containers, and carry a 3 year guaranty against rotting!

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