CrystalClear CC015-1G Vanish Plus Pond Treatment will immediately remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals that are often present in city water supplies. Vanish Plus will also add a slime coat protectant to the water to help fish heal wounds and abrasions while protecting them in times of stress such as during water changes and clean-outs.

Detoxifier plus stress reducer
Dechlorinator plus stress reducer
Immediately removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
Adds fish slime coat protectant
Safe for all aquatic and domestic animals
Dosage Rate: Use 1 fl oz of Vanish Plus per 200 gal
128 fl oz/1 gal bottle treats 25,600 gal
Shake well before use. Apply Vanish Plus at the rate per gal. prescribed above after new pond has been filled. After 20 minutes pond water will be safe for fish and plants to be added
Shake well before use. Apply Vanish Plus at the rate prescribed above when performing a water change or refilling evaporated water
Apply Vanish Plus to an area of the pond with the most circulation to ensure the product will be dispersed throughout the entire pond

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