The serene clarity of your beautiful backyard pond isn’t the only thing in danger from not installing pond netting. Your fish could be in danger too. Keep decaying leaves out of your pond and protect your fish from predators by installing this handy DeWitt Deluxe 12 x 20 Foot Heavy Duty Pond Netting.This 12 x 20-foot net is constructed with heavy-duty polyethylene with 0.25-inch hole openings. Installed over your pond, it keep animals and debris out while letting sunlight, moisture, water, and fresh air in, important to the overall health of your pond. The strands are bonded together and UV-treated, so this cover lasts season after season.Protect your pond and keep it fresh and healthy with DeWitt Deluxe 12 x 20-Foot Heavy Duty Pond Netting.
Pond netting protects your pond’s fish and vegetation from other animals
Keep leaves and debris out of your pond
Constructed of durable, UV-treated polypropylene
Lets in sunlight, moisture, and ventilation
Environmentally safe design
Dark color blends in with pond surface
Helps extend the life of the pond
Keep in year round or easy to fold up and store away when protection no longer is needed
0.25 inch mesh
Color: Black
Dimensions (L x W): 12 x 20 feet
Weight: 2 pounds

Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in


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