Matala filter pads are unique way to filter your pond without having to purchase additional media. These filter pads are lightweight, durable, and easy to cut. With its 1 1/2″ thickness, the matala is offered in medium density or high density to provide both biological and mechanical filtration. Additionally the filter offers a semi-rigid and self supporting structure that is built with a thermopile propylene compound which is nontoxic to the environment. These filter pads are easy to clean and self supporting. Product Details: 39.5″L x 24″W One mat filters up to 500 gallons Blue mat covers 124 sq. ft. per cubic foot Green mat covers 96 sq. ft. per cubic foot How to use: The matala filter pad can be simply placed into your waterfall filter without any issues of the pad “floating” away, it can additionally be cut to your desired size if need be. When to use: The filtration media can be used during the pond season, spring through fall, and cleaned for storage just before winter temperatures occur. Filters & separates large particles to small Allows for free flow of water Will not sink to the bottom of your filter

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