The Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Pond Filter EGC is a powerful filtration alternative for ponds up to 31,500 gallons. This pump-fed, flow-through drum filter provides effective cleaning and polishing of water down to 80 microns, effective aeration in the moving bed module, and quiet operation thanks to extensive noise insulation on the lid. The Moving Bed System with Hel-X 13 bio-media offers effective nutrient and pollutant decomposition in the water and a large surface area for the settlement of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. The new Hel-X 13 biomedia is so called because it has a 13 % increase in the biological settlement surface area (and 40 % more settlement area than Kaldness K1 Media). The Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Pond Filter EGC promises minimal maintenance and ensures seamless integration of Oase Bitron C UV Clarifiers.

This compact drum filter is part of the new Easy Garden Control (EGC) family which means it can be conveniently controlled and monitored via tablet or smartphone app, with the aid of the Inscenio Oase EGC Controller Cloud. Besides controlling the filter, it will be possible to make in-depth analysis on cleaning cycles and temperature curves. If any technical or performance problems occur, a notification can be sent to a registered email address via the app so a resolution can be found immediately. When properly sized, paired, and registered online, this product also qualifies for the Clear Water Guarantee.

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