The Thermo-Pond™ Perfect Climate Submersible Pond De-icer was designed with small and preformed ponds in mind. This 300 watt pond de-icer is a submersible pond deicer for ponds up to 300 gallons. Helps create a perfect winter climate for your fish.

Will not burn pond liners. Inlets allow use with air or water water pumps to aid in circulation. Keeps open water in ponds when used as a submersible deicer. The deicer is thermostatically controlled and all heating elements are enclosed so they will not harm or burn your pond liner.

Inlets are molded into the design so the heater can be used in tandem with air or water pumps to increase circulation.

Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in


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