Undoubtedly the hardest working gardening product in your pond, the Savio Skimmerfilter dramatically reduces pond maintenance while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity – its all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment. All four systems work in harmony, in one easy-to-install unit that saves you time and money.

Removes up to 85% of floating debris from the water surface for a cleaner, clearer pond
4-in-1 filtration: skimmer, leaf basket, UV purifier, and bio-filter for healthy, clean, clear water
Protects your pump from debris and clogging, extending your pump’s lifespan over time
Spacious pump chamber holds most high volume pumps
All in one approach to simplify pond installation
The only skimmer with patented, built-in UV option for optimal water clarity (sold separately)
Significantly reduces maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your pond’s natural beauty
Super-strong injection-molded housing resists warping

Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in


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