Flow through filters with biological and mechanical filtration clean and clear pond water which flows back down to the pond by gravity. Oase BioTec Screenmatic² automatically separates debris using the self-cleaning screen, depositing coarse debris into the removable tray. Intelligent cleaning sensor detects pollutant levels entering filter and automatically activates the screen. High efficiency filter system features 3 different densities of foam harboring a variety of beneficial bacteria that remove harmful ammonia and nitrites. Filter foams clean directly inside the filter in pond water to preserve beneficial bacteria colonies and reduce water waste. Slide valve on sludge drain removes sludge and dirty water with minimal mess.

Intelligent cleaning sensor senses debris and activates cleaning screen
Manual belt run button for manual operation of cleaning screen
LED indicates status of cleaning bar and screen
Rubberized separator lip scrapes debris off screen and into tray
Removable sludge tray for easy maintenance
Built-in overflow holes keep filter operational even when sludge tray is full
Sludge drain with integrated slide valve removes sludge and dirty water from system
Optimized water distributor evenly disperses water flow over screen

Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 31.0000 × 23.0000 × 21.5000 in


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