The new SICCE Green Reset Pond Filters introduces a new era in pond keeping. This new external pressurized UVC Bio-filter is available in four models – 25L – 40L 60L – 100L – with great filtration capacity for small and large ponds. First, the water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) and then through the bioballs (biological filtration) in combination with an effective 10W UVC sterilizer lamp to guarantee crystal clear pond water.

The innovative design of the Green Reset makes maintenance operations simple and quick. 3 simple steps make cleaning a breeze:
1) Lift the handle on the top of the cover.
2) Turn the lateral grip handles in the cleaning position and, then, the flow selector handle.
3) Push the big handle down to squeeze the internal sponges (patented mechanism).

It can be placed next to the pond, above the pond water level, or buried in the ground according to the need of the user. To obtain the best performance of the filter, SICCE recommends to use it in combination with Master DW pumps or Syncra DW pumps.

Handling capacities listed on the GreenReset packing and the chart above are conservative compared to our real-world tests performed at Sicce USA. Tests on the chart include only the filter and the appropriate pump without additional circulation, aeration, or the benefits of plants and bog gardens. At SICCE USA, the GreenReset filters, under rigorous testing against other pond filters on the market, in moderately loaded koi pond. Testing included ponds with bog gardens and other aquatic plants and flow rates that exceeded what was being fed through the filter itself. As bio-load increases, careful attention to filtration and flow rates should be monitored to assure adequate ammonia conversion and strong oxygen levels.

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