The Alpine Tornado pump is ideal for pond owners looking for energy-efficient performance, flow, and ease of maintenance. The Tornado pumps come with a high-performance, extremely sturdy, asynchronous motor and 33-foot cord. This versatile pump can be used horizontally, in or out of water. The pump features simple maintenance, with a removable rotor assembly, water-resistant ceramic bearings for continuous and trouble-free use. Your Alpine Tornado pump is oil-free, magnetic-driven and is epoxy protected, with a ceramic shaft for long lasting dependable performance. This pump is equipped with a pre-filter cage which handles solids up to a quarter inch in size. For a car to stay in great condition, proper maintenance is required. Therefore, Alpine suggests that once a week, you verify that the pump is performing satisfactorily. If you detect a drop in pump performance (such as a decrease in water flow from the pump or to the waterfall), first clean the pump’s pre-filter cage and the tubing connected to the pump. If the water flow is still not fully restored to its original performance, simply clean the impeller and internal pump body.

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