Most realistic faux rock on the market
Protects valuable hardware
Disguises unsightly blemishes
Mini and Small sizes are vented with a small cluster of vent holes making them more suitable for covering air pumps. We also recommend leaving air space around the bottom if applicable.
The most realistic faux rocks on the market, the TrueRock™ makes a great addition to any pond landscape. With its weather-proof textured finish and rock-hard construction the TrueRock™ is not only a viable décor item, but a protective cover as well.

Texture molded and colored to look exactly like real rocks and stones, the TrueRock™ will blend right in to your pond landscape, even when placed amongst real stones! The beauty and durability of the TrueRock™ make it not only a great protective cover but an attractive landscaping tool as well.

Protect unsightly yard blemishes and valuable pond equipment with the TrueRock™. Constructed from rugged fiberglass materials, TrueRock™ Faux Rock Covers not only look like a rock – they are as strong as one too! The TrueRock™ is great for covering aeration pumps, skimmers, waterfall boxes, tree stumps or anything else you want to hide from view.

Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 17.5000 × 15.5000 × 10.5000 in


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